Review – Wicked Teacher – Elizabeth Lapthorne

1616-210x336BLURB: Aiden succumbs to Eva, finally unleashing his dark, wild side as they passionately fulfil one of the oldest fantasies in the book—that of Wicked teacher and seductive student.

Aiden has always wanted to do naughty things with Eva. Sent to him, practically wrapped in a bow, he can finally unleash his wicked side and teach her a lesson. Pushing both their boundaries to the limit, Aiden has to remind himself this is a one-time-only affair.

Eva has wanted Aiden seemingly forever. She can see the smouldering heat in his gaze and imagine how he will feel claiming her, possessing her, branding her as his. She knows it will only take a small push in the right direction, and then he can make her hottest fantasies come true. She’s always desired the Wicked Teacher, and now she plans to make him hers in every way.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of dubious consent (no rape) and the appearance of underage sex. This is story is a fantasy scene enacted between two consenting adults—but is purposely written to appear initially as if it is a scenario between a teacher and his student.

bdsmreview_5ALICE SAYS: Okay, did you heed the reader advisory? This book is so well written in the respect that even though you know they’re consenting adults from the advisory, you forget when reading. Good writing, that. If you’ve ever had a crush on a teacher when in your teens, this might well be the book for you. All your young-girl fantasies come true—providing you like a bit of spanking.

Well, I’ll admit, this is one of the first books that got me into wanting to be spanked. The tension and descriptions are so good that apart from your arse not being whacked and it not really getting hot (your arse cheeks), it feels like you’re being spanked. Feels like you’re Eva. Also, it plays in your head much like a movie, and when a book can make me forget I’m reading words and I’m seeing pictures instead—that’s a book well worth reading, in my opinion.

Although Wicked Teacher is tremendously hot, it’s also got something else to it that I wanted to focus on more. It made me ask myself questions. Now, for me—in one of my diary entries I mention being spanked—it got me asking myself whether I could go for this or not. Could I let go and just allow my fantasy to play out—without poking my nose in and telling him what to do? Could I be like Eva? There was an uncomfortable (but in a good way) feeling where I had to stop reading and ponder the questions this book brought forth. And isn’t that also another good thing, to be made to stop and think, to put yourself in that scenario and see if it fits you? I think so.

There are many tropes/themes out there, and this is one of many teacher/student books I’ve read (hmm, maybe I have a thing about that and just don’t know it?). But I always have a title that comes straight out of my mouth with any given trope/theme/genre if I’m asked—a book that has stood out above all others. For the teacher/student, it’s hands down Wicked Teacher. There’s just something about it that pressed all my buttons, and I think, because it’s so raw in that it forced me to ponder the what ifs and look deep inside myself, it will remain on my “Hottest Books of All Time” list. It will also be on my “Opened My Eyes” and “Changed my Outlook/Life” lists.

Thank you, Elizabeth Lapthorne, for touching me with your words.

You can buy Wicked Teacher HERE.


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