Happy Friday – And Did You See the Rubber Dogs?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATGIF! Happy Friday, folks! Here’s a picture to get you fantasising for the weekend, if indeed dark-haired men float your boat. It’s been a bit hectic for us at BDSM Boudoir, what with Erotica being on. Today we saw some men dressed up as rubber dogs—what an eye opener, and what fun! Alice was able to explore—to see if the lifestyle is something she really would like to get into. It’s certainly been a wonderfully liberating day all round!

Hopefully we’ll have some new reader emails to look through and post over the weekend. We’re humbled that people trust us enough to put them up. Before this blog was created, there was the question of whether people would feel comfortable sending their fantasies in. But it appears they do, and if you’d like to send any in, please feel free to email us with your fantasy at bdsmboudoir@gmail.com We’re also on Facebook, so if you want to give us a like, make sure you select our page, not our personal account. Alice got into a confused state creating the accounts so there are two ha! Still, it’s all a learning curve, isn’t it, and it’s been a great experience so far!


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